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Revised edition includes advice lots of advice about navigating hybrid work!

Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish: Navigating the Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Culture, winner of the Bronze Medal at the 2021 Axiom Business Book Awards, and best-seller, offers very practical and hysterically funny advice on effective office communication. It has become the go-to guide for people either starting out in a career, being promoted to manager, or working for an American company for the first time. The book provides useful career advice and workplace communication skills that can be immediately implemented to help anyone navigate through and succeed in their company culture.


In a light-hearted and conversational way, and using tons of examples, Peter Yawitz, a 30-year veteran in global communications consulting, walks readers through not only formal and written rules of office communication but also unwritten business norms. As “Someone Else’s Dad,” he counsels a new generation of workers without the nagging and judgment they might receive from their own parents. His candid and action-oriented advice will help readers get better at mastering small talk, writing persuasive emails, making sense of the hybrid workplace, dealing with sneaky coworkers, managing distracted bosses, and asking for a raise.


Readers will find an advocate in Yawitz, someone who can help them succeed both professionally and socially at work. They’ll laugh out loud while they develop the insights needed to advance in their careers.


“Entering organizational life can be dizzying, scary, even terrifying. With wonderful, often side-splitting humor, Yawitz provides valuable and insightful advice, so navigating the early stages of one’s career is far less perilous.”


MICHAEL C. FEINER, former Worldwide Chief People Officer, Pepsi-Cola;

award-winning professor, Columbia Business School; author of The Feiner Points of Leadership

Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish candidly introduces you to real life in the workplace, equipping you for success. Full of wish-I-had-knowns and great advice, it will save you from a whole lot of headache and heartache. This is a must-read for any new joiner to the workforce.”


LEAH COHEN-SHOHET, Former EVP of Growth & Adoption, Symphony;

Forbes 30 Under 30 list, 2019


Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish offers a breezy, commonsensical, and accessible approach to navigating office life for the newly initiated. With a sense of fun, Peter Yawitz of Someone Else’s Dad manages to defuse some of the angst surrounding decision-making, while providing sensible direction. I chuckled while reading this and got some good pointers, too!”


REGINA RESNICK, Sr. Associate Dean and Sr. Managing Director,

Columbia Business School Career Management Center

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