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A guest speaker that is right at home with your people.

In addition to his work as a consultant, writer, and host, Peter is an award-winning humorist and performer.  Peter customizes his presentations to deliver maximum impact, whether he is speaking to a corporate audience eager to hear his take on effective communication, global college, and business school students preparing for the future, or young professionals learning how to navigate the dos and don’ts at their first full-time job. His motivational and engaging presentations include:

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Press Kit
  • Keynote addresses custom-built around a theme to help businesses of all sizes best utilize the skills of young professionals and better understand a new generation of workers

  • Seminars to help acclimate young professionals to the workplace and thrive in their new careers

  • Motivational and graduation speeches to engage, inspire and entertain twenty-somethings as they prepare to enter the working world

Peter is also available for one-on-one coaching and advising, as well as small group engagements such as mastermind groups and town hall discussions.

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