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About Peter

Peter Yawitz is the President of Clear Communication and founder, host, author, and advice columnist at Advice from Someone Else's Dad. He has been a communication coach, consultant, teacher, and facilitator for global companies for over 30 years and for 10 years before that, was an eager young employee in fast-paced American workplaces wishing for advice on how to make smart work decisions and fit in. Today, he trains teams all across the world, helping them understand how to communicate, manage upward and sideways in a company, and navigate the personalities, priorities, and peculiarities of their workplaces.


Born and raised in Manhattan, where he still lives, he received an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Peter won the bronze medal at the Axiom business book awards for Flip-Flops & Microwaved Fish: Navigating the Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Culture. He also won the 2005 Nightlight Award for Outstanding Musical Comedy Performance from the New York City cabaret, jazz, and comedy critics, and the Backstage Magazine Bistro Award for the song "Not Good Enough" about preschool rejection letters to the parents of famous historical figures.

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