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The teams I coach operate in a variety of industries.

International Audiences.

Conduct interactive seminars and talk to international audiences on how to communicate effectively in a global, multigenerational workplace. 

Global Asset and Wealth Management. 

Train equity and fixed income analysts at most sell-side firms, large asset management firms, and hedge funds to pitch complex ideas.  Work with fundamental, technical, and quantitative portfolio managers and IR teams to help them identify and pitch their funds’ unique value propositions and answer difficult questions effectively.  Help private wealth fund managers pitch the appropriate product to different audiences by focusing on specific relatable life examples.

Global C-Suite. 

Coach executives and investor-relations teams on ensuring that corporate messages, speeches, and presentations to specific audiences and stakeholders are clear, concise, and memorable. Use my network to give feedback to management teams on how their stock, company, guidance, and competition are perceived.  Help teams craft and deliver messages based on investor sentiment and concerns. Conduct 360° reviews, create management action plans and coach executives toward specific goals and metrics.

Business Presenters. 

Train presenters and writers on how to be persuasive by understanding cultural differences and different audiences’ motivations and expectations.

Multi-Generational Teams. 

Work with global young professionals helping them communicate effectively, manage upwards and sideways, and speak up to be heard.



Deliver custom-designed global seminars on effective communication, team effectiveness, corporate storytelling, and culture change.

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"Peter did an absolutely extraordinary job. Many of the attendees said it was the best/most clear investor conference that they have ever attended.”

“Peter has an amazing ability to listen to the details of a business or an investment position and synthesize the main ideas into a compelling message. Sometimes I wish he could just present for us!”

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