Show Business Weekly: “A Smart, New Talent With A Lot To Say!”

David Hurst, Show Business Weekly

In his show “A New Man,” Peter Yawitz exploits his maniacal love of show business and cabaret to dizzying heights. With puns aplenty, Yawitz has collaborated on material with David Friedman, Peter Lurye, Matthew Ward, and Dick Gallagher, contributing lyrics that fly fast and furious and which are-for the most part-funny! Whether he’s bemoaning his lot as a “Semi-Demi Intellectual” (Friedman), singing to his kids “Through Your Daddy’s Eyes” (Ward) or staking his claim to self-illumination in “A New Man” (Lurye), the inexhaustible Yawitz is a born showman who never met an audience he didn’t like. He has a pleasant, flexible tenor voice with a handful of impressive high notes that he wields with confidence while employing the ‘bigger is better’ style of brassy, Broadway singing.

The one number that’s absolute perfection is “Cliché Bingo” (Gallagher), a masterpiece of construction and performance that Yawitz sets up beautifully and knocks out of the ballpark. (Oops, was that a cliché?) And you don’t have to work in corporate America to appreciate the brilliance of its content either. In short, “A New Man” is an entertaining romp and Yawitz a smart, new talent with a lot to say!