Cabaret Scenes: “I Haven’t Seen A Better Cabaret Show In Years”

Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

For a relative newcomer to cabaret, Peter Yawitz is a dazzling triple threat. He’s personable, dead-pan funny and an instinctively sharp performer. Add to that a highly pleasing tenor voice and an uncanny ear for writing inventive and ingenious lyrics to the melodies of his collaborators: David Friedman, Dick Gallagher, Peter Lurye, and his music director, Matthew Ward. His comedy is commentary on our current society, in the spirit of a Will Rogers, or perhaps Mort Sahl, with a touch of Lenny Bruce’s irreverence. At his best, one speculates whether Yawitz is an heir-apparent to the wit and sophisticated wordsmithing of Cole Porter.

His show at Don’t Tell Mama, “A New Man,” is an introspective look at being male in the twenty-first century. It is at varying moments hilarious and poignant. From the songs “Talk Like a Guy” to “Through Your Daddy’s Eyes,” Yawitz keeps the ball rolling with literally never a dull moment. Music director Matthew Ward serves as both a credible accompanist and an accommodating foil to Yawitz. Helen Baldassare directed, Shawn Moninger handled lights and sound. In a simple declarative sentence: I haven’t seen a better cabaret show in years.

See this show if you have to throw away your tickets to “Hairspray” to do it. And call for reservations promptly, as Yawitz’s shows have been selling out.