, The Siegel Column: “Keep Yawitz About You”

Barbara & Scott Siegel, "The Siegel Column"

Peter Yawitz is a lyricist with panache and a charming, smart performer. His current show at Don’t Tell Mama, “A New Man,” is the discovery of the summer.

For a raft of reasons, Yawitz’s act is definitely worth seeing. Performers should see it to find new, sensational comedy songs; cabaretgoers should see it simply to be entertained. This well crafted show, skillfully directed by Helen Baldassare, marks Yawitz as a musical-comedy singer/songwriter with something to say and the talent to say it in song, on video, and in patter. Most of the program consists of songs for which he has written laugh-out-loud comic lyrics about contemporary themes to melodies by the likes of Dick Gallagher, David Friedman, Peter Lurye, and others. Yawitz also sings some standards, and he puts them over with feeling.